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Commonalities in Religions - 550 Words

The pre-Columbian religions found outside of Eurasia were wildly diverse, but they nearly always emphasized a few basic beliefs. Perhaps this was because they stemmed from a similar progenitor religion in the distant past, perhaps they picked up on some basic part of the human psyche. While there were many differences in the intricacies of the religions of Polynesia, the Andes, and Mesoamerica, they all shared a polytheistic faith, a belief that gods are derived from nature, and a belief that sacrifice was needed to maintain the natural order of the world. In polynesia, the dominant pre-columbian religion was animism–the belief that all things have some sort of spiritual power. In Polynesia, this power was called mana (Encyclopedia Britannica). Polynesians believed that this spiritual power, this mana, could be negated by human actions. As a result of this, many tapu (brought into English as taboo) were set up in order to prevent humans from upsetting the natural order of the world. As with their neighbors in Mesoamerica, the polynesians believed in a form of human sacrifice to right the unbalance in the mana of a person or a thing. This was especially clear when someone walked over the shadow of a chief or a noble. It was thought that this would damage the mana of the person and only the death of the offender would correct this unbalance. Like most cultures, the Polynesians had many gods which would personify some part of nature and who would be deeplyShow MoreRelatedThe Three Abrahamic Religions And Islam994 Words   |  4 PagesThe Three Abrahamic Religions – Incongruity despite common Foundation Christianity evolved from Judaism, and Islam evolved from – mainly Syrian – Christianity. Naturally the three religions share a lot of common elements, but also many differences. Like most religions, the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions see themselves as a true religion based on godly revelation, and claim universal validity. Because of the many different appearances of religious phenomena, many see themselves faced withRead MoreUnderstanding Religion: Reflection Essay916 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding Religion: Reflection Essay People need something to believe in. Even if an individual says that they are an atheist and that there is no God or a controlling presence of any kind, they have a religion. Of course then the religion is not believing in anything, supposedly. The fact that religions are formed by societies, and individuals, using basically the same rules is a context that has persisted over the years, and bears some investigation. This paper examines two religions, ChristianityRead MoreComparing The Two Billion Christians And 1.6 Billion Muslims1316 Words   |  6 Pageslargest religions in the world. Although the two monotheistic faiths have many differences, they also share many commonalities as well. Surprisingly, the countless followers of these religions are not even aware of their comparability. In fact, they tend to emphasize their minuscular differences rather than focusing on the common ground. This lack of knowledge and their ignorance has and is causing many disputes throughout the wor ld. One of the most important aspects the two major religions have inRead MoreREL 133 week 1 Common Practices in Religion Essay794 Words   |  4 PagesPractices in Religion Carrie Shellie Cobbs University of Phoenix World Religious Traditions I REL 133 Robert Mossman June 29, 2014 Common Practices in Religion Religious belief and practices are deeply rooted in traditions and teachings from sacred scriptures and texts. Indigenous religions are specific to a tribe, region, and cultures that have had various influences in their core religion. Religion is a very personal issue for most people and therefore closely guarded. Studying religion is necessaryRead MoreWorldview Analysis (Judaism) Essay example1543 Words   |  7 PagesJudaism is the religion and culture of the Jewish people. The word â€Å"Judaism† derives from the Greek Ioudaismos, a term first used in the Intertestamental Period by Greek-speaking Jews to distinguish their religion from Hellenism. The unifying principles of Judaism are an identity by covenant with God as His â€Å"chosen people† based on the Bible (Old Testament) and a unifying expression of this relationship through prescribed tradition. Judaism and Christianity share some commonalities in that bothRead MoreThe Common Themes Of Environmental E ffects On Religion1565 Words   |  7 Pagesthemselves and many of which have been recognized as a commonality in several societies. These frequently seen patterns in history provide important insights to the functions and behaviors of ancient civilizations. There are many commonalities that are existent in many civilizations, but three clearly emerge, as they are fundamental to many societies’ cultures. The common themes of environmental effects on religion, combination of organized religion and culture and the formation of an organized languageRead MoreEssay about Fiction Fused With Reality1016 Words   |  5 Pagesoppressed by a dictator. Religion is used as a key issue in Life of Pi, which states that all religions lead to the same goal. â€Å"‘All religions are true.’ I just want to love God.† This idea is carried throughout the book and is firmly believed by the main protagonist Piscine. Piscine’s belief in God is tested regularly with obstacles that hinder his path towards salvation. The island which Piscine inhabits for a period of a time symbolises the binary oppositions of religion. The island is carnivorousRead MoreThe Middle East: The Birthplace of Three Major World Religions834 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause the Middle East, especially Jerusalem, is a place of importance for three major world religions, this region is bound to have strained relationships. However, in order to fully understand this region, it is necessary to have an understanding of the three religions that lay claims to the Middle East. Those religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Although on the surface, these three religions seem quite unrelated, they are actually intricately bound together and very similar. No matterRead MoreAn Interpretation Of Religion By David Nah865 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"An Interpretation of Religion† Hick argues how all religions are ambiguously and culturally designed to answer all of life’s questions. A renowned theologian, philosopher and religious pluralist, Hick firmly agrees world religions are diverse paths to meet the â€Å"Real† or â€Å"Truth†. David Nah’s Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism: A Critical Evaluation of John Hick criticizes Hick’s hypothesis discusses how the Christian theology uniquely differs from world religions. The New Age generationRead MoreThe Conception Of Morality Is Present Throughout Human Civilization1181 Words   |  5 Pagesessentially contrived, and, as Benedict argues, solely defined by one’s culture (157). The notion that morality is entirely relative is p ossibly more facile—and far more unsettling—than the previous proposition. Cultural relativism undermines the commonalities between cultures; Rachels argues that these can be found in our cultural values, despite the fact that specific belief systems vary (123). Benedict, advocating for cultural relativism, describes morality as, â€Å"a convenient term for socially approved

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Details of Paper Writing Help

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Security Chief at a Manufacturing Company Free Essays

You’re the security chief at a manufacturing company that makes small metal hand tools. The plant employs roughly one hundred people. Management has told you that many tools have disappeared. We will write a custom essay sample on Security Chief at a Manufacturing Company or any similar topic only for you Order Now According to company records, the plant produces approximately fifty thousand per day, but far fewer are actually being shipped out. After double-checking the figures to ensure their accuracy, you have concluded that pilferage is the only possible explanation. A meal detector positioned at the employee exit near the time clock would catch anyone trying to smuggle tools out of the factory. Because the purchase cost of a metal detector is prohibited, you have decided to rent one. Anyone caught stealing will immediately be fired, and a note to that effect will become part of the individual’s personnel file. You don’t want to create an atmosphere of hostility, but you do need to inform the employees about these developments. Write a memo to be posted on the main bulletin board and sent via e-mail. Dear Employees, Due to recent record inconsistencies, the manufacturing company will be reviewing supply and product expenses. Recently brought to our attention is the shortage of production inventory leaving our warehouse plant. Significant security protocols will be implemented as precautions to help reduce cost wherever possible. We ask all employees to keep an open eye for suspicious behavior. Employees caught taking company supplies for personal use, would be grounds for immediate termination and appropriate legal disciplinary actions. Any incident will be reviewed, recorded, and filed for future reference. We thank you for being a part of our company. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact management. Respectfully, -MD How to cite Security Chief at a Manufacturing Company, Essay examples

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Staples and Cofer Essay Example

Staples and Cofer Paper Different Ethnicities Same Problems When Americans meet someone new they are already sticking that person into some sort of category because of their appearance. If someone looks different than Americans are use to, they automatically stick some sort of stereotype to them. Stereotypes are strongly displayed in the media; stereotype can be based of someones color, culture, religion, or sex. In Black men in public spaces by Brent Staples, and in The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the authors talk about stereotypes based on their gender and ethnicity nd the experiences they both encounter because of their ethnicity and gender which have many similarities and differences. Stereotypes can lead to hatred and discrimination against other groups. The problem with stereotyping is it is identifying an individual based on a group a person belongs to, which is not right because each individual is their own person. Stereotypes can be true, and are sometimes false that is why a person should only be Judged by who he/she is, each person is unique in his/her own way. Cofer addresses the stereotypes of Latin women, while Brent Staples points out the social views of African American men by both displaying the stereotypes stuck to them, how the grew up, and encounters with strangers to reveal the similarities and differences they face concerning ethnicity. No matter what ethnicity a person is, it seems as if everyone has to face being Judged based on his/ her ethnicity and getting some kind of stereotype stuck to them. We will write a custom essay sample on Staples and Cofer specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Staples and Cofer specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Staples and Cofer specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Both Staples and Cofer had to experience being stereotyped, but the way the handle the situation had some similarities. For staples him being an African American man he had to face being Judged by many people and being seen as a criminal. He expresses the feeling of rage because he was always being perceived as a criminal. He describes how many people, no matter what color, reacted when he walks by. He even noticed people lock their car doors as he walks past them, how they cross the street to avoid him, and how some women clutch onto their purses when they walk by him. Mr. Staples understands the fear as well as the real danger that everyone faces everyday however, he still feels alienated about constantly be perceived as a criminal because he was African American and a male. Cofer also goes through life feeling alienated, he notices how she dresses is different from what Americans are used to so she gets singled out from the group and harassed. Growing up Staples had to deal with seeing gangs killing others, people getting locked away, and seeing young friends and family members being buried. Staples 61) While Cofer grew up with strict parents and constantly being told how to act and dress. (Cofer 1 54) Both Cofer and Staples had to deal with having issues to fit it. Staples was a good boy and stood out for that reason he did not participate in the violence and gangs. He knew he did not want to o down the same paths as his friends did which was odd to the people where he group up at. , while Cofer also struggled with not fitting in because she was of different ethnicity and did not dress like the others. They both had went through being Judged growing up because of them being different. Where Staples grew up it people did, and for Cofer it was odd to Americans to see her dress like people in her home country. Although both the essays are dealing with stereotypes among a certain group, Staples encounters with people are very different than Cofers. In Cofers essay, the average Latin woman has to deal with others assuming they are ome kind of sex symbol. There is no fear associated with these Latina women because they do not look intimidating but rather sexy or domestic, they are approached with sexual advances or as if they were all house keepers, maids, or waitresses. In Staples case, he was not only Judged by his intimidating appearance, but also feared by all who came across him. As opposed to Cofer, where people are approaching and harassing her. Staples is seen as a threat and is unapproachable to all who come across his large stature. Staples explains how during several instances while walking around at night he would notice how individuals changed their eactions when they saw him. Staples describes how he would hear the sound of car doors being locked when he would cross a street with cars waiting for the traffic light to change (Staples 60). Staples also explains how tense it would get when he would walk down the street at night with other pedestrians around. Although Staples was everything but a mugger, the people he came across at night from fearing him. Staples was clearly seen as some sort of predator while Cofer was seen as the prey who is constantly approached and being harassed with negative and insulting comments. She was stopped and harassed on many occasions by men singing ffensive songs to her. Staples was nothing like a criminal, what most people assumed he was, he was an educated individual who had an intimidating appearance from his height and dark skin color. Staples is mainly Judged for his larger statue, skin color, and gender which comes off to be considered dangerous to people, while Cofer is also Judge on outer appearance which comes off to be domestic or sexy. Brent Staples, because he is black is perceived as a criminal; Judith Cofer is a Latina and is mistaken for a waitress. Both individuals have numerous examples of when they have been done wrong or discriminated against. When Staples was working as a Chicago Journalist, he was rushing into the office and mistaken by the manager as a burglar or criminal. Cofer went through something similar, when she was about to do her first poetry reading, she had been mistaken for waitress by some older women. Staples and Cofer both had Justified reasons to become upset in these situations and every other situation they have encountered, but instead of becoming upset they decide to do something to correct these misconceptions. Staples always considered himself to be in the wrong in these situations, while Cofer made herself the victim. Staples accepts that people are always going to Judge him because he is a African American male, and he feels he should change himself. As Cofer sees it oppositely, she wants the people who that have these misconceptions to change their ways, not only that she wants them to realize why they should change, and to become more knowledgeable when it comes to different cultures. Both authors are different genders so very different stereotypes apply to them in a different way.. Although Cofer and Staples were both of different ethnicity and gender they both faced many of the same issues of ethnicity, though different scenarios. What was different from Staples and Cofer then other individuals knew these stereotypes were wrong so they both wanted to prove so. Both Authors had a purpose to writing these essays, Staples wanted to reveal to society how peoples perception of the Black Male is affecting them, and Cofers purpose was to address the misconception of the stereotypes of Latin women. In the end, some people may agree with Staples and Cofers purpose and feel stereotypes are wrong, but some will not and may still believe them. Stereotypes are not going away today or anytime soon but it is import that people do not add to them.

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Ludwig van Beethoven essays

Ludwig van Beethoven essays The film Immortal Beloved shows us the life of Ludwig Van Beethoven one of the greatest or for some people the greatest composer of all times. The movie not only shows us his music but most importantly examines the man there was behind the music. He was a disabled man that protected himself from the not so understanding society of that time, with an edgy personality. The movie focuses on the letters Beethoven wrote. These letters that are still to this day a mystery to whom they were written for. Letters which had no name or address were written to a woman who he referred to as his Immortal beloved, from where the movie gets its name. Probably the biggest flaw the movie had was on making a wild guess to who had the letters be written for. In reality nobody really knows to whom the letters were intended for. But the film points out that Johanna Van Riess(Beethovens sister in law) was the Immortal beloved. Documents show us that there was a total of three letters written to somebody located at K. which most of the people think is Karlsbad although there are many other possibilities as Klosterneuberg and other towns in Czech Republic that can be associated with the letter K. The movie recreates the mysterious love life of the womanizer Ludwig Van Beethoven. As we all know, the film industry main purpose is to entertain its viewers. It would be impossible to recreate in a movie each and every woman that Beethoven was involved with during his life. It would probably be to lengthy to tell in a film. There is always research done when a movie that is based on real life is made, then history is adapted to make the product sellable and that is when fiction appears. Most likely the producer of this film picked these three women among the many that are revealed in history because he thought they were the most important in Beethovens life. And to give the story a surprising ending he picked Johanna Van Riess to be the heroin o ...

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Eleemosynary, A Full-Length Play by Lee Blessing

Eleemosynary, A Full-Length Play by Lee Blessing It might be best to begin your approach to this play by learning how to pronounce the title and understanding the meaning of this vocabulary word. In this dramatic work by Lee Blessing, three generations of highly intelligent and freethinking women attempt to reconcile years of family dysfunction. Dorothea was a repressed housewife and mother of three sons and a daughter, Artemis (Artie), whom she favored. She discovered that being an eccentric suited her perfectly and spent a lifetime thrusting her wild ideas and beliefs onto an unappreciative and doubting Artemis. Artemis ran away from Dorothea as soon as she could and kept on the move until she married and had a daughter of her own. She named her Barbara, but Dorothea renamed the child Echo and began to teach her everything from Ancient Greek to calculus. What Echo loves most is words and spelling. The title of the show comes from the winning word that Echo spelled correctly at the National Spelling Bee. The play jumps backward and forward in time. As one character relives a memory, the other two play themselves as they were during that time. In one memory, Echo portrays herself as a three-month-old. At the beginning of the play, Dorothea has suffered a stroke and is bedridden and catatonic for several scenes. Throughout the play, however, she takes part in her memories and then transitions back to the present, trapped in her minimally responsive body. The director and actors in Eleemosynary have the challenge of making these memory scenes feel authentic with smooth transitions and blocking. Production Details The production notes for Eleemosynary are specific regarding set and props. The stage needs to be filled with an abundance of books (signifying the sheer brilliance of these women), a pair of homemade wings, and perhaps a real pair of scissors. The rest of the props may be mimed or suggested. Furniture and sets should be as minimal as possible. The notes suggest only a few chairs, platforms, and stools. Lighting should consist of   â€Å"ever shifting areas of light and darkness.† The minimal set and the stress on lighting serve to assist the characters in moving between memories and the present time, allowing focus to be on their stories. Setting: Various rooms and locales Time: Now and then Cast size: This play can accommodate 3 female actors. Roles Dorothea is a self-acknowledged eccentric. She uses her eccentricity as a means to escape the judgment and pressures of a life she didn’t choose. Her desire was to influence her daughter to embrace her way of life, but when her daughter runs from her, she refocuses her attention on her granddaughter. Artemis has a perfect memory. She can remember anything and everything with total accuracy. She has two desires in life. The first is to research and find out everything she possibly can about this world. The second is to be as far away from her mother (in both body and spirit) as possible. She believes in her heart that she failed Echo and that failure can never be undone, just as she can never forget a single detail of her life. Echo has a mind to equal both her mother’s and grandmother’s. She is fiercely competitive. She loves her grandmother and wants to love her mother. By the end of the play, she is determined to use her competitive nature to mend her relationship with her elusive mother. She will no longer accept Artemis’s excuses for failing to be a mother to her. Content issues: Abortion, abandonment Resources You can watch a director and some actors discuss and rehearse the play.The  Dramatist Play Service holds the production rights for Eleemosynary.

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CONSTITUTION & ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

CONSTITUTION & ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - Coursework Example He argues that they are indeed acts of necessity, which the government performs in sudden and extreme emergency, especially when it is in the public interest to do so. This essentially contradicts Dicey’s understanding of the royal prerogative. This is so considering that the power of war, which is generally, one of the significant powers of the prerogative, would anyway be an exception. The above differences in argument, therefore, call for reexamination into other theories in order to understand the significance of the royal prerogative2. In Attorney General v DE Keyser’s Royal Hotel Ltd , Lord Parmoor said that a right may be common to the rulers and the subjects; nevertheless, that does not qualifies it to be a prerogative right. Instead, he argued that Royal prerogative means a privilege in the executive that may be of an exclusive and a special character. Similarly, Blackstone concurs that the prerogative covers those actions that no person or institution other than the executive may undertake3. Among prerogatives contemplated in this explanation include the making of treaties and the deployment of armed forces. However, it is observable that the Blackstone’s argument contradicts the judicial reasoning as to what the prerogative is. To shed more light on this, an examination of the case of R v Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Ex parte Lain will be of help. In this case, the board that was to investigate and make recommendation on the compensation to victims of violence through ex gratia payments, was appointed by the executive4. The key issue here is that the board was set up by the executive in disregarded the agreement between the Judiciary and the applicant. Clearly the prerogative act was used in doing this, arguably though, giving out money to the victims of violence is not such unique to deserve direct action of the executive. Moreover, Wade an administrative theorist agrees with the arguments of Dicey and Blackstone albeit at